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Mobile conference for developers, designers and startups

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What is MobCon?
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The purpose of MobCon is to network and deliver tech talks for mobile developers, designers and startups. Talks that can truly help them to shape their products and services.

MobCon is divided into four main parts. Design, Development, Business and Venture. We aim to bring people coming out of all these segments together to share ideas, experiences and opinions to help each other.

We all like to play. That is why we combined education with entertainment. MobCon is boosted with lightning talks, coding challenges, live band performance, and networking afterparty. It will tune everyone for the extra dose of information.

Superstar designers will talk about standards, principles and recommendations to a stunning design. Their knowledge will come out of a real-world experience backed by the companies they have worked for.
From coders to coders. Tech talks from experts in the field of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. They will share insights about coding and tools that can simplify every developers work.
Companies that have mobile apps as a source of their revenue or a tool that helps to communicate their services better. Talks by businessman that share opportunities and possible benefits that arise from mobile apps. They will discuss what to prepare for a client, how to get hired for a project or how to aim for an added value.
How to get funded. Presentations of investors and their portfolios. They will share valuable advice how to prepare a project for funding, who to come to or what to be very cautious about.
Small but very interesting part of the conference. Presenters have very limited time to present their startup ideas, projects or inspirations in rather entertaining way.
George Berkowski
How to Build a Billion Dollar App
Entrepreneur who has built businesses in manned space flight, online dating, transportation and mobile apps. CEO of IceCream app, mind behind the internationally successful taxi hailing app Hailo and an author of a book "How to build a billion dollar App". George studied rocket science and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and business at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris. He was Chairman of MIT’s Enterprise Forum in the UK and is heavily involved in the UK and US startup scenes. George now divides his time between London and Silicon Valley.
Ross Kingsland
Growth Hacking Your App
Ross Kingsland is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Gravy. Ross’ focus in tech has always been on growth and taking clients from seed to post series A with an accelerated growth curve. As a growth hacker Ross sits on several tech and non-tech boards internationally. He has worked with a diverse range of brands, companies and individuals to apply successful growth hacking strategies to accelerate their results. Ross is also an international speaker at high profile tech and corporate events.
Chris Do
Chris Do is an Emmy award winning director, designer, strategist and educator. He’s the Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, co-founder and CEO of The Skool, an online education platform that teaches the business of design. Since 1995, Blind, a strategic design agency, has been a pioneer in the motion graphics field and has made hundreds of award-winning commercials, music videos and broadcast promos that combine design, typography, animation, live action and visual effects for screens and clients of all sizes. Currently, he is an adjunct instructor at Art Center College of Design in the Motion Design program. He serves for organizations such as: SPJA board of directors, Emmy’s M&TD Executive Committee, Saleshood advisory board, Santa Monica College advisory board, Woodbury University advisory board, and completed his term as advisory board member and programming chair for AIGA/LA and Otis board of Governors.
Jakub Ptačin
Studio Echt
Graduated with a Master's degree in Marketing Communications and has been a postgraduate student doing his PhD since 2013. He works as a designer and a consultant to a wide range of clients. In the past he used to work for companies such as Adobe, Telekom, Sygic, Dennik N, RTVS, O2 and many more. Forbes magazine put him on their 30 under 30 list in the Tech category.  Jakub hosted an online show on fair entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Backspace civic association which carried out many successful projects and also organizes By Design Conference. Startup Foretaster brought him to Silicon Valley in 2012. He also does stand-up comedy and was one of the founders of Slovensko.Digital.
Ján Ilavský
Hyperbolic Magnetism
Jan Ilavsky is one of the first iOS developers in Czech Rep. / Slovakia. He is behind several award winning mobile apps. Currently focusing on game development in Hyperbolic Magnetism.
Dušan Koutný
CTO and co-founder of OrderLord. Lead the development on multiple projects and is a Ruby on Rails veteran with more than 10 years of experience. Reached Silicon Valley with iInvoices in 2012. Got through the Wayra accelerator with OrderLord, which ranked in top 50 on Pioneers and was rewarded with a Technology of 2015 by Forbes. Dušan was the same year ranked in 30 under 30 of the most successful people in Slovakia.
Igor Bukovský
Ambulancia Klinickej Výživy
Slovak doctor specializing on questions of nutritions, diet and new trends in fields of health-enhancing lifestyle. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Jessenius Faculty in Martin and the Medical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. From 1993 to 1994 he was one of the protagonists of the session about weight loss "Enough is enough" broadcasted by Slovak Television where he advised about diet with Magda Paveleková, MD. Leos Streda and Jozef Vajda. In the years 1990-2001 was an associate of the Slovak Radio and author of several radio series on health and nutrition. In 2004 he opened the Clinical Nutrition in Bratislava, published several other books, especially the vegetarian diet.
Jano Gordulič
Silné Reči Inc.
Screenwriter, stand-up comedian, and a creative producer. In 2010 founded stand-up comedy show Silné reči, that is being active for 5 years now. Few know that he is actually a co-founder of and His hobbies are IT and writing in third person about himself.
Katka Klinková
Currently driving sales for CulCharge, her possition: Business Ninja speaks for the atmosphere within their company. Ranked in the chart of the most talented people in Slovakia by 30 under 30 of Forbes magazine. Previously co-founder and sales director for Staffino. Talkes about sales as her passion. Represented Slovakia on V4 startup route in Sillicon Valley. Winner of Startup Awards and alumni of Czech accelerator Wayra with project Staffino. She is a favourite mentor of start-up weekends, sales workshops and projects for young enterpreneurs.
Viktor Mikulášek
CEO of innovations studio LAUNCHER, responsible for the overall strategy, investments, partnership and development of new form of cooperation. LAUNCHER is pushing forward good ideas with intention to support great people with a drive to bring amazing products to life.
Rostislav Šimoník
Partner and coordinator in technological studio eGlu. Previously contractor, developer, architect, system and business analyst in companies such as ESET and Asseco Solutions. Worked on a broad scale of projects (small, medium, to enterprise business segment) where he handled varied ammount of atypical situations. Based on previous experiences he is currently specializing on topics of avoiding problems and risk analysis in business segment.
Matej Hrinčár
Mobile developer since the time of WAP on Nokia 3510i. Developing banking apps for Windows Phone, enthusiasts for technologies that are unknown for the masses, that is why he is going to cover keynote for Pebble watch development.
Igor Kulman
Independent developer with a focus on Windows Phone and mobile Windows, sometimes even cloud solutions. Fanatic of functional programming and Raspberry Pi enthusiast. Will cover the keynote on development for wearable technology.
Stanislav Harvan
Expert in open source environment usage in Microsoft Cloud. Consultant and expert in the area of database technologies and Business Intelligence solutions. Works in IT for more than 13 years. Last 5 also intensively with agile IT projects management. Covering keynote on cloud for Open Source infrastructure and mobile APIs.
Dominik Šima
Professional developer working with software development using .NET platform. Works and experiments with Xamarin and the latest dev platforms for various platforms. Loves new technology and will cover keynote on Xamarin.
Andrej Lukeš
Developer, who started out with the cross-platform mobile app development and is currently interested in the native development for iOS. Worked on Apps for HC Slovan, Medusa Group, The City Monitor, Nedbalka virtual guide, DOCKitIN. In his spare time focuses on broadening his knowledge of modern technology and especially all all things related to Apple products.
Tomáš Tagelhoff
Experienced programmer focusing on the development of software solutions for mobile devices and television with many years of experience with various technologies such as Swift, Perfect. Recently played a major role in the development of applications for RTVS to Apple TV or mobile applications for the Czech market Cafe Cash, Beauty Cash and Cash Pay that expand the electronic records of sales. In his spare time he enjoys writing blogs focused on advanced IT technology and dissemination of knowledge in the ICT field, at present mainly Swift language and its use for the server side.
Gábor Boros
Co-founder of a lifestyle magazine Originally a small high school project launched in 2011 which has grown substantially thanks to an innovative approach to management, marketing and technology. It is probably one of the most powerful online brands for young people in Slovakia. Refresher achieves steady traffic over a million monthly users, has expanded into the Czech Republic and continues to look for new refreshments and improvements.
Miroslav Danaj
Consultant, mentor, therapist, coach, trainer and motivational speaker. Specialist in analysis, interpretation and changes in human behavior, an expert in verbal and non-verbal communication, facial microexpressions, patterns of behaviors, the credibility of people's expression, NLP and hypnosis. CEO and founder of LOYCUS Slovakia, which focuses on optimizing the impact of the human factor in business. Provides clients with unconventional guidance that specifies the universal principles of mutual coexistence of the conscious and unconscious minds, their implementation in corporate activities, which together with the specific issues in the context and holistic view of the situation brings companies a whole new dimension to their development and competitive advantages. Miroslav Danaj is also the CEO and founder of the Institute of behavioral analysis and the Center of hypnosis and hypnotherapy HYPNOS.
Lukáš Gašparík
Co-founder a CEO čo je komunitný portál a zároveň aj štartovacou čiarou pre množstvo mladých ľudí. Takých, ktorí chcú zatriasť týmto svetom a ukázať, že aj na Slovensku a v Čechách sú šikovní ľudia. Startitup je taktiež výnimočný tým, že je tu všetko zadarmo. Od nájdenia kvalitného freelancera pre tvoj startup, cez listovanie a odpromovanie tvojho startupu, až po možnosť získať pracovnú pozícu v startupe.
Milan Straka
Michal Blažek
Matador Group
Michal Blazek works for MATADOR HOLDING, a.s. in Bratislava. Gained Bachelor of Business Administration from City University of Seattle and Masters with specialization on Marketing and Marketing communication on Nottingham Trent University, in England. Straight out of university started working for the Slovak industrial Group and quickly became the marketing manager.
Marek Didák
Started as a social media marketer, later worked as a marketing consultant. Was the founder of one of the biggest Slovak startups and co-founded digital agency Hype where he is currently working as a creative director
Jozef Kalman
Governs 360FLY in Slovakia, shares information about the use of fully interactive 360° video captured with 360FLY camera.
Radovan Matúš
Slobodný Umelec
Dodávateľ prírodného hnojiva, vermikompostérov a kompostu, vyštudoval manažment no v súčastnosti je slobodný umelec a pod pseudonymom Tager patrí medzi jedného z najbookovanejších a najvyťaženejších DJov v Strednej a Východnej Európe. Vo voľnom čase sa od roku 2012 venuje vermikomposovaniu. Je to človek zmýšľajúci prírodne. Sám má záhradku, kde si úspešne už niekoľko rokov pestuje bez umelých hnojív, za pomoci svojho vermikompostu, ovocné stromy a zeleninu vo vyvýšených záhonoch . Vyrobí pre vás vermikompostér, kde si vlastné hnojivo a kompost vyrobíte sami alebo vám ušetrí čas a pripraví pre vás na živiny veľmi bohaté hnojivo či živú pôdu - kompost vďaka čomu bude váš jedlý balkón zdravý a prinesie vám krásnu úrodu.
Martina Moyzesova
Vyštudovala právo, ako právnička pracovala 8 rokov. Počas svojej práce sa najskôr ako koníčku začala venovať štúdiu ajurvedy, meditáciam, masážam a celkovému „ajurvedskemu“ zmýšľaniu. Po piatich rokoch sa rozhodla opustiť svoju prácu v práve a začala sa na plný úväzok venovať ajurvede. Jej heslom je, človek má možnosť robiť to čo ho baví len musí nájsť odvahu a dôveru v to, že je to možné. Prekonať svoje strachy a démonov. Teraz má vlastný masážny salón so stálou klientelou, robí kurzy filozofie ajurvedy, varení a jogy. V týchto mesiacoch úspešne dokončieva kurz učiteľa ajurvedy pod vedením indického lektora
Kamil Aujesky
Digital Strategy & Performance manager v mediálnej agentúre MDS. Online marketingu sa venujem viac ako 8 rokov, aktuálne som vyhral Bloger roka v kategórii IT & Invovácie.
Michal Malík
Managing Director of Invelt s.r.o. SK Michael has experience in creating strategy and business development. He specializes in creating business opportunities between Slovak and Chinese companies (2008). He helps Slovak companies to penetrate to the Chinese market and do business there.
Simona Bubánová
Creative Department
Vstúpila do reklamného biznisu v roku 1993. Pracovala ako kreatívna riaditeľka v MarkBBDO. V 1996 zalozila spolu s Andrejom Kratkym vlastnú spoločnosť Creative Department, ktorá zastupoval na slovensku nadnárodne siete Scholz&Friends a takmer 10 rokov Ogilvy & Mather. Posobi ako mentorka pre rozne startups. Je členkou advisory board pre Slovak American Foundation. Je zakladajúcou členkou Art Directors Klubu na Slovensku a jeho prvou prezidentkou.
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Main room
Tajomstvo SMNNE7D (SK)
Design = communication. Design = politics. Design = business
Jakub Ptačin
Studio Echt
Main room
How to Build a Billion Dollar App (ENG)
George Berkowski
Main room
How to split the share from a Billion Dollar App (SK)
Rostislav Šimoník
Short Break and snack
StartItUp room
Development for wearables: Microsoft Band a web tiles (SK)
Introduction of Microsoft Band and ways of development on them. Focus on Web tiles where you need only knowledge of JavaScript.
Igor Kulman
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